Need Immediate Help?


If you need immediate assistance in your apartment hunt with common bad credit issues such as evictions, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and poor credit score we’ve listed the best resources below to accelerate your apartments bad credit findings. Our goal is to increase your chances of successfully finding a great apartment in your desired location despite your credit issues.

1. is the leading second chance apartment housing locator. There are not many legitimate second chance resources and/or programs that truly benefit bad credit renters who are looking for a new start. provides renters with a full and detailed list of second chance apartments in their area that will consider approving applicants who may have past evictions, poor credit score, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and other credit related issues.

2.  Corporate Leasing allows you to rent a luxury apartment in your desired area despite your credit issues. We submit an application on your behalf under the apartment community’s corporate leasing option, our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property. The apartment communities will review our corporate housing partners financials, rental history, rental references, and business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. You will be responsible for paying the monthly rent, required deposits, and other bills related to the property. No Credit Check is ever needed for this program.